Monday, March 4, 2013

Well I made it to March 4. Two years ago today I had my first mastectomy. Last year, this week of my cancerversay was tough. I was afraid that it would bring up a lot of emotions again this year, but I have been quite busy and haven't really had time to think about it. Back then I felt like the world had stopped moving for me. The rest of the world was moving forward, but I had stopped. Now I'm in full swing.

What I find though is that people say, "Wow, two years, that has flown by!" But not to me, for me it has been a long 2 years. I have described it like rowing in the mud. I know that I am moving forward, but slowly. And I think it is because when you have cancer, you want to get to that 5 year mark. That magical 5 years cancer free, when your "chance for survival "goes up. Then there is also the fact that you want to hold on to each day, because no one is guaranteed another one. I just can't wait to be a seventy year old lady with my grandchildren around me and years of memories...

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