Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chugging along

Well, I'm holding up, doing pretty good actually. Luckily I am very busy with my 3 kids. Girl scouts, Boy Scouts, softball, piano, essays, book reports, book fair, parent teacher conferences, little boys birthday... and it's only Wednesday! But it has all kept my mind off of my cancerversary. I still have my moments, but like many of by breast cancer sisters told me, they become few and far between, and it's amazing to me that point where cancer does not consume my every moment. I still can not go back and read my blog post from 2 years ago, but I can make it through a day without tears.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ignorance was bliss

Two years ago today, I didn't know there was a time bomb inside of me.

I didn't know the world of anti anxiety medication, monthly blood draws, and multiple surgeries.

I have trying to keep busy and not pay attention to the fact that tomorrow is "cancerversary" but it looms in the corner. Flashbacks. Sadness. Fear.

And I'm so overwhelmed with emotions. I know I haven't blogged in a while, but for the next few days, I think this again will be my outlet.